I am Jesse H. Jackson and 38 years old. I am focused on cooking and kitchen related worked last couple of years. And I am a part time lecturer on university of hardboard in center USA. But I want to spend my time on the cooking and kitchen related work last 7 years in this field.

My book name is ‘Research on vitamins & Mineral’   it was the best seller on USA book fair in 2005. I got a best seller price from this book and my pressure my nearest book on this topic to got the 2nd position on this book fair. But when i got the price of best seller on this year in the mid time I was ranked my second book “Cooking Fashion” its more relevant book on first one.

Already I upload the more recipe on this book but online version is here in website by filtering and you can easily watch on this site. And easy downloading process to collect all of the video and pdf file. And share to your friend and family. Someday you will be better cooker for using my recipe. And day your husband or wife making food for you and try to make taste by you on around the table. When you feel how can he or she make that. In this question they are not told them about me.

Now I planning to travel for food and get experience to all over world. And take rolling and gathered information and more which I need. Then I prepare to my another book and making lots of blog with my best experienced. So follow my blog. You are most persona for me because without your inspiration I can not go to the long way.

So you can sharing  your comment on bottom of the post and can also mail to me. Good food good life….